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discriminatory-work-practices — April 20, 2022

Doyle Dennis LLP Vs. Port of Houston

Doyle Dennis LLP’s attorneys have filed suit to protect the rights of six Port of Houston Firefighters Union Members, who were victims of wrongful termination, in violation of the...

firm-news — April 20, 2022

Dr. Miguel Gomez Vs. Memorial Hermann Health System

Doyle LLP has secured a major victory in its ongoing case against Memorial Hermann Health System arising from defamation, business disparagement, and tortious interference that harmed a Houston, Texas...

discriminatory-work-practices — October 1, 2021

Doyle Dennis LLP Vs. Memorial Hermann: Workplace Discrimination Wrongful Termination

Doyle Dennis LLP prides itself on protecting and supporting workers who are victims of workplace discrimination or wrongful termination.  In these cases, typically the wrongful termination or discrimination occurs...