Texas Worker Fired For On-The-Job Injuries

Texas law provides protections to workers who were fired as a result of suffering injuries on the job and seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Doyle Dennis Avery LLP’s lawyers have dedicated years to protecting employees across the United States. This month, Doyle Dennis Avery LLP secured a $7.86 million verdict for a worker who worked on a drilling ship. Based upon this experience, the Doyle Dennis Avery LLPlaw firm was hired to file suit against Ascend Performance Materials Holdings Inc. for alleged violations of the Texas Labor Code, Section 451.001. The suit was filed last week in Harris County, Texas.

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP’s client worked for Ascend Performance Materials for nearly one decade. Ascend Performance Materials provides chemicals, fibers, fabrics, and plastics to make various goods. In 2021, Doyle Dennis Avery LLP’s client suffered severe injuries while carrying out his job duties. Following the injury, he filed a workers’ compensation claim. After Ascend Performance Materials learned about his injuries and protected activity, Ascend wrongfully fired him and provided a false basis for the termination.

The Texas Labor Code prohibits employers, including Ascend Performance Materials, from firing workers because they filed a workers’ compensation claim or instituted a workers’ compensation proceeding.

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP is proud to represent employees who were wrongfully terminated by their employer. If you have experienced discrimination or retaliation due to becoming injured on-the-job, call us for a free evaluation of your potential legal claim.