San Antonio Company Fires Employee for On-the-Job Injuries

Although Texas is an at-will state, an employer may never fire a worker for filing a workers’ compensation claim or instituting a workers’ compensation proceeding. Doyle Dennis LLP’s attorneys have dedicated years to protecting workers’ rights. At the beginning of 2022, in Gillies v. Valaris PLC, Doyle Dennis LLP secured a $7.86 million verdict for a worker who was injured on a drilling ship. Based upon this experience, Doyle Dennis LLP was hired to file suit in Bexar County, Texas against Ranger Concrete Contractors, LLC for violating Section 451.001 of the Texas Labor Code.

 Ranger Concrete Contractors LLC employs workers who specialize in concrete work. Doyle Dennis LLP’s client was a Carpenter for Ranger Concrete Contractors LLC. While performing his job duties for Ranger Concrete Contractors, Doyle Dennis LLP’s client sustained serious injuries. Approximately two days after the client was injured, Ranger Concrete Contractors LLC fired him.

Doyle Dennis LLP is proud to represent employees who were wrongfully terminated by their employer. If you were discriminated or retaliated against due to your on-the-job injury, call us for a free evaluation of your case.