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Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Vs. Certified Pipe Service Houston, Inc: Wrongful Termination

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP’s lawyers have dedicated decades of their legal careers developing and honing their skills to protect injured workers throughout the United States. This also includes their vast experience with workers from Arizona, Texas and the whole Gulf Coast. Texas law provides specific protections to injured workers who suffer from retaliation, termination, or firing by their employer. Texas workers play a vital role to our regional economy and the government protects those workers’ rights in many key ways.

Based upon this experience, Doyle Dennis Avery LLP was hired to file suit against Certified Pipe Service Houston, Inc. for alleged violations of the Texas Labor Code, Section 451.001. This statute protects workers injured on the job from facing discriminatory misconduct and retaliation stemming from the workplace incident or filing a worker’s comp claim. The suit was filed in Harris County District Court in Houston, Texas.

This suit was filed because of Defendant Certified Pipe Service discriminatory misconduct and then retaliatory discharge of Doyle Dennis Avery LLP’s client for filing an on the job injury claim, seeking worker’s compensation benefits, and instituting a proceeding or causing to be instituting a proceeding under the Texas worker’s compensation act, including reporting that he suffered an injury to his employer under Texas Labor Code § 409.001. Doyle Dennis Avery LLP’s client, an employee of Certified Pipe Service, suffered an injury while working on the job on or about June 27, 2018. He met his obligation to report the injury to his employer. He hired a worker’s compensation attorney to assist in his filing for a claim for worker’s compensation benefits. Ultimately, this resulted in retaliation and firing, per the suit.

Certified Pipe Service began taking discriminatory actions against Doyle Dennis Avery LLP’s Client shortly after. Ultimately, Certified Pipe Service terminated the employee on or about July 14, 2019. The claimed basis was false and used as a pretext to fire the loyal hard-working employee for the workplace injury and worker’s compensation claim. The Defendant’s retaliation and firing were in violation of the Texas Labor Code. Employers such as Certified Pipe Service should not, and may not, fire or otherwise discriminate against employees because they received an injury on the job and pursued protected activity under Labor Code Section 451.001. Texas workers daily put their physical and mental tools at work helping Texas continue to grow and thrive and a leader in numerous industries globally. Workplace accidents while unfortunate and through no fault of the worker can injure Texans and hamper their ability to complete their job. The Texas Labor Code insures those workers receive the protections and benefits they deserve as key members of the economy.

Our lawyers are proud to represent injured workers against employer who refuse to follow the law. We want to ensure all Texans can go to work every day and do their job without fear of retaliation or termination due to pursuing what the Texas Labor Code allows. If you have experienced discrimination or wrongful termination, call us for a free evaluation of your potential legal claim.