Safety and security whistleblowers

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP represents whistleblowers throughout the United States, who have reported important safety concerns either internally or externally. This may include reporting safety violations, reporting unlawful conduct, participating in an investigation, testifying before a governmental agency, externally reporting violations to law enforcement, internally voicing safety concerns, or taking steps towards any of these acts.

Federal law protects employees within certain industries who have been retaliated against due to their report of misconduct. This includes the following industries:

Trucking and commercial vehicles
Maritime and vessel safety
Oil and Gas Pipelines
Consumer Product manufacturing and distribution
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
Nuclear Plants
Public Transportation
Food safety
In addition, federal law particularly applies to certain industries. The following are some examples of the types of employers subject to federal whistleblower laws involving reports of safety violations or illegal conduct.
  • Commercial motor vehicles: Employees, contractors, and agents of commercial motor vehicle operators and carriers, freight handlers, forwarders, and brokers, mechanics, logistic companies, and leasing agents;
  • Maritime companies: Employees, contractors, and agents of Cruise ships, Drilling vessels, Cargo Vessels, tug boats, Jack-up rigs, Crew boats, Dredges, Tankers, Research vessels; longshoremen, stevedores; deckhands, engineers/wheelmen; captains; dock workers; ship medics, welders, tool-pushers, roustabouts, and other maritime employees.
  • Pipeline companies: Employees, contractors, and agents of operators, owners, fabricators, and installers.
  • Railroad companies: Employees, contractors, and agents of Freight railroads, Long-distance, intercity passenger railroads, commuter railroads, Short-haul passenger service, high speed ground transportation systems that connect metropolitan areas; and tourist, scenic, and excursion railroads.
  • Consumer Products: Employees, contractors, and agents of manufacturers, distributers, or assemblers of toys, cleaning supplies, appliances, furniture, technology, clothing, tools, games, paint, housing products, equipment, bicycles, and other consumer items.
  • Motor Vehicle: Employees, contractors, and agents of car dealerships, motor vehicle manufactures, and part suppliers.
  • Nuclear Energy: Employees, contractors, and agents of a nuclear power plant operator, entity responsible for construction of a nuclear power plant, Contractors or subcontractors of those entities, the contractors of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; contractors and subcontractors of the Department of Energy that are indemnified by Department of Energy under the Atomic Energy Act, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Department of Energy.
  • Public Transportation: Employees, contractors, and agents of bus systems, light rail, subways, commuter trains, and some ferries.
  • Food Safety: Employees, contractors, and agents of grocery stores, food shipping; restaurants; food warehouses; food testing laboratories; large farms, grain elevators; feed and feed ingredient, pet food manufacturers; grain processors; liquid storage tanks, some biofuels producers; and exporters of grains, feed and feed ingredients, and processed commodities.
If you have been retaliated against or wrongfully terminated for reporting a safety violation, contact the lawyers at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP.
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